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Photo credits: Jyoti - Fair Works (Carolin Hofer)

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Jyoti - Fair Works x retraced


“Bespoke designs with their pro-people, pro-planet approach to business…”

Jyoti - Fair Works is a German-Indian fair fashion company that produces sustainable clothes and accessories. They differentiate themselves from others in the textile industry by combining their popular, bespoke designs with their pro-people, pro-planet ethos to business. Jyoti takes a hands-on approach to ensure every supply chain participant's well-being and makes it a point to get to know the people behind their product. They work closely with their production partners throughout India to learn more about their value chain. Jyoti aims to make sure that everybody across their supply chain is able to live on what they earn, and that the material and fabrics produced are done so in a sustainable way.

Jyoti speaking with artisans

Jyoti cofounder, Carolin Hofer, and two of the seamstresses in the workshop in Chittapur, in December 2018. Photo credits: Jyoti - Fair Works (Janosch Kunze)


“Production standards and stakeholders scattered throughout fashion supply chains…”

Jyoti's vision for a more transparent value chain has been a clear success from the beginning. Since, 2014, the brand has been able to connect its customers with the nearly 20 woman artisans in charge of their sewing workshops in Londa and Chittapur. The brand also shares useful information about materials, product life cycles, the design process, etc via their website.

However, transparency for Jyoti was never meant to be just an honest display of show-and-tell (which, with their current efforts already, is above and beyond what currently happens in conventional fashion). Jyoti wants to share these insights with the world and illuminate the efforts, talent, and impact of fashion. Unfortunately, this isn't easy. Fashion can be a highly segmented business, with lots of secrets. It's one that detaches the people who make the products and the processes involved from the products themselves. Trying to keep track of production standards and stakeholders scattered throughout fashion supply chains can be a challenge. Moreover, trying to push a legacy industry like fashion to be more honest and open is not easy. A solution to help transparently trace and connect all the people involved behind the scenes would help support the brand's mission to increase overall awareness behind garment manufacturing. It would also help their customers play a part in global fashion transparency efforts.

Jyoti speaking with artisans

Photo credits: Jyoti - Fair Works (Janosch Kunze)


“Simplify the collection of data on production standards…”

All the principal stakeholders responsible for a step in Jyoti's supply chain are now retraced users and are invited to upload proofs to validate their ethical and sustainable efforts. Via the retraced mobile app, they are also able to confirm when they have completed their respective production step for specific orders initiated by the brand. Through these participatory actions (all stored on a blockchain) Jyoti and retraced are able to confirm that the right people, in the right place, and at the right time worked on the right product. Through the connection, onboarding and confirmation of Jyoti's sustainable suppliers such as - Moral Fibres and 7 Weaves - retraced is able to simplify the collection of data regarding production standards and present these to the end-consumers. Interested shoppers can now scan a QR Code of their Jyoti item, for example, their latest pair of Karnavati pinstripe shorts and learn more the products journey including the Tier 2 Fabric supplier, Translate, based in Hyderabad. With the help of retraced, Jyoti is able to bring more transparency into their value chain and connect all the important stakeholders involved.

Jyoti speaking with partners about retraced

Photo credits for Jyoti - Fair Works (Carolin Hofer)


“Embrace the values embedded their value chains…”

Jyoti launched its Spring-Summer 2020 Collection , completely integrated with the retraced solution . With the help of the QR-Codes and the eCommerce plugin, Customers can now interact with Jyoti's products before, during, and after purchase in innovative new ways, and can learn more about the people and processes involved. But the journey for honest and impactful transparency is an ongoing one. Retraced and Jyoti continues to work in the background to onboard more fabric and material suppliers and to unlock the stories of a supply chain community connected through Jyoti's visions for a more transparent, social, and ecological fashion ecosystem. In partnership with retraced, Jyoti is able to embrace the values embedded their value chains and disclose them for the world to see.

Jyoti speaking with artisans

Photo credits: Jyoti - Fair Works (Janosch Kunze)

Jyoti consumer app story 1
Jyoti consumer app story 2

Trace the supply chain: The Jyoti x retraced transparency plugin is live. See it in action.

The story continues: Jyoti and retraced were recently interviewed by Forbes. Read here.

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